Insurance Services

We all have to have automobile insurance to drive on our public roadways, so why not get a discount for combining your home and auto insurance with one company. Very few insurance companies will write a manufactured home as well as the auto and give you a discount for doing both. We are able to provide terrific discounts for combing coverage in addition to discounts for senior safe driver courses and excellent driving records.

Automobile insurance is available as liability only or you can elect full coverage. Roadside assistance, towing, medical payments for passengers and other coverage enhancements are available. Our preferred companies do reward good drivers.

There are a lot of insurance companies writing coverage for standard automobiles these days, but very few involved with antique or collector car coverage. We are car enthusiasts our selves and can find you excellent coverage at great rates for your antique or collector cars.

Give us a call today to combine your home or manufactured home and automobile coverage or cover that special vehicle under the cover in your garage.

Recreational vehicle insurance is available for the occasional or full time traveler. We offer the highest rated protection for class A, class B, and class C motor homes, travel trailers, toy haulers, or off road vehicles. Personal property, vacation liability, roadside assistance, optional equipment and rental costs are all available. Motor homes that are purchased new are eligible for replacement cost, new for old coverage. If it goes on vacation with you, we can cover it.

From jet ski’s to yachts, if it sails or has a motor and travels through the water chances are we can cover it and you. Coverage is available for the vessel, passengers, environmental impact, salvage, optional equipment, trailer and most things associated with boating or personal watercraft use.

Quality coverage options are available for structures used for habitation purposes. Homes, condos or duplexes that are rented, seasonal or vacant can be insured at reasonable rates.