Motorcycle Insurance

As a life long motorcyclist on and off the road, and agency partner here at the Weibel Insurance Agency, Scott Wilson would love to hear all about your motorcycle. We know it’s nice to speak with someone that understands what kind of motorcycle you have, the accessories you have added to it, and what the best coverage will be for you and your motorcycle.

We have insurance that includes roadside assistance, passenger liability, medical, bodily injury, property damage, comprehensive and collision coverage. We offer insurance for motorcycles cruising across the country or just to the coffee shop. Protection applies on the road, off the road, or even while participating on a closed course track day event.

When you call the Weibel Insurance Agency to insure your motorcycle you will get a same day quote with the options you need at the best available rate. Service has always been our first priority and frankly we love motorcycles and want to hear all about yours.